About Her

Little Red (Riding Hood) is a 2003 Honda Shadow VLX motorcycle. She has a dainty 600 cc engine, is in excellent condition, and when I bought her on October 24, 2016, she had only gone 9,500 miles. A great beginner’s bike, and I had  longed for a red one. She’s not just a motorcycle, though. She’s an identity bender and a mentor. Although I’d been thinking about learning to ride for about a year and a half before starting this blog, and that period included a couple of false starts, I’m actually doing it now. I actually own a motorcycle. On the one hand, I’ve been planning for this, but on the other it feels like an unexpected development. Somehow I managed to shush the “A motorcycle. Really?” voice. Now, the pleasant surprise of forming such a satisfying bond with a non-sentient chunk of metal, plastic, and rubber has moved me to chronicle the experience. I knew it would be fun and would raise a few pairs of familial eyebrows, but I didn’t expect the extent of the enchantment or the infusion of power. This is a ride to someplace all new.

About Me

Middle-aged mother of teenage twin girls. Technical writer. Scaredy-cat.


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